Jewelry TLC

Of course you will want to wear your Silver Treasures jewelry with pride. There is no reason not to wear your jewelry everyday, even exercising or in the shower!

Silver jewelry is particularly susceptible to tarnish, from the contact with oils in our skin, and hair, lotions, potions and perfume!

Did you know sterling silver has antibacterial properties?  It may look in need of a clean but it carries no bacteria.  Sterling silver just needs a little TLC to keep it looking its best.


Give your jewelry an occasional wipe with a polish cloth after wearing. I recommend Goddards silver polishing cloth.


Avoid spraying your jewellery with perfume, hairspray and other lotions and potions. they can also react with the silver and become tarnished. If this happens, it can be fixed…


The best way to remove tarnish is either with a polishing cloth, or for more persistant tarnishing; “Silvo” wadding silver polish, comes in a 75g tin and will bring your piece back to its shiny old self!  Available from Amazon.

Of course, please feel free to send it back to me if you’d like me to clean it for you!